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Originally Posted by shda5582 View Post
What I wound up using was Testors Enamel paint that you can pickup at any hobby store.

I painted the grooves, then while still wet, wiped down with a rag with some 70% alcohol to get the excess paint off. After that, 10 minutes in front of a space heater to dry up the paint and then (carefully) wiped down the metal with some Hoppes on a rag. This technique worked really well to keep the paint in the markings and they came out VERY well. Will post pics later.
I've always done mine that way, works fine, except I don't use a space heater, just give it a bit of time to flash dry, do a very gentle partial cleanup and then let it dry overnight and give it a good cleanup with alcohol. I use a toothpick to 'paint' engravings. Testors has tons of colors to choose from!

Here are a few pics of some of mine that have been done..

Before pics of an AR-15 lower

and some after coloring pics...

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