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Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post

As far as I know there's only the 173rd, 82nd and 25th airborne divisions. There may be NG units but I'm only talking active.
correct me if im wrong here but i dont think the 25th itself is considered airborne , but there are units within the 25th (in Alaska) that wear the Electric Strawberry. I think its 4th BCT Spartan that is actually airborne , THey have a PIR or two and an Artillery unit there

Originally Posted by Porter707 View Post

Also I did 6 1/2 years in Bragg, we had plenty of NAP there. We had a prior service guy in my Company who was there for 4 years and never went to Jump School but you can bet he was on every chute shakeout haha.
^ true story , im about a year and 1 tour in with the 82nd . Im still non-airborne personnel and have told me NCOs on many occasion that I will not be jumping for the 82nd due to the way 4th BCT handles its jumps. They keep telling me im going to 18th Fires however im still waiting for orders to 3-231
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