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Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
I was in a "shoe clerk" squadron in the Air Force, so perhaps I simply don't have a say in the frontline side of things. Based on what ive seen women do in my rear support unit, women as a whole should be barred from frontline duty.

I could write a novel of all the crazy stuff ive seen in my short time in the Air Force. Women getting pregnant deliberately to dodge a deployment isn't a rare strategy. The PT standards are a joke-one woman walked her " run" test and passed with "flying" colors, while us men at the same PT test had to bust hump to pass. And discipline? Forget about it. Male airman f**ks up, he's in front of the commander before lunchtime. Female airman screws the pooch, nothing gets done. Ive come home from work to friends in the AF dorms and heard women bragging about calling in sick and malingering to get time off work , when us men had to stand on the flightline rain sleet or snow. Got Ebola? Too bad, take a tylenol and get to work.

Until our military has equal standards of discipline and mission readiness for both men and women, this entire enterprise is a bad idea. Of course genuinely equal standards would mean far fewer women in the military, which of course doesn't sit well for the social engineers at Washington D.C.
You've brought back a lot of memories of the time I was in the air farce. '74-'78 22nd Security Police(project new arrival'75). Your WAF's are no different than mine; years may go by but nothing changes.
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