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Originally Posted by tacticalcity View Post

I was at Luke when the first female fighter pilot showed up for training. Seemed really odd. Lots of people said it was an experiment bound to fail. Now they are common place. Not only did they make good pilots, turns out the best drone pilots are women. Sadly drones are the future...and they are kicking *** there (I'm a romantic when it comes to flying so I would rather see somebody in the cockpit but it is not up to me). My point is women are excelling in many a military role the experts were convinced they would fail at. Those roles are going to increase, not decrease.

I was also in a MAPS flight that was loaned out to special operations units from all of the various services and sent all around the globe. Yes we were support, but this was 20 years ago when the idea of woman even in a support role was unheard of. We had a female in our flight. The first female ever to serve in such a flight. She wasn't knocking down doors, but she did deploy and was at the forward operating base (a make shift runway in the middle of no where a few miles from the target with a few tents and a radio). It was shocking at the time. Now they are common place.

It is simply a matter of time. It will happen. When it does it will be shocking to people's sensibilities. Then it will quickly become common place. You don't have to like it, but it will happen. The roles of women are constantly expanding in the military and will continue to do so.

There was a time when people took the same attitude towards people of color. In my grandfather's day half the people in special ops would have been relegated to cleaning the mess. The idea that they could contribute more would have been dismissed by all out of hand and seemed laughable. Times change. Society changes. The military changes with it. It is human nature.

You have a choice. You can be the modern equivelent to the guy who laughed at blacks back in the day...or you can have an open mind.
Cool story bro.

You said IDF used women with great success and in response to that I posted a picture implying you were either trolling or stupid.
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