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Originally Posted by Ibefuz View Post
I was at work today and a female E3 walks in wearing multi cam with a SF patch (spear head with knife and lightning bolts) and an airborne tab on her arm. It was the first time i had seen a female with an SF patch so i was surprised to see this, I thought females weren't eligible to particpate in the SF community.

i would normally ask my father this question, (he's a Ranger and been in since the late 80's) but he's in afghanistan right now, so i come to you guys to drop some knowledge on me,

thanks in advance guys!
SF has a huge amount of support personnel, for example 7th group at carson has a whole bunch of facilities that has a crap load of support personnel.....they just rock the patch and airborne tab, doesnt meant their airborne or oda (SF).
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