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Originally Posted by tkoden View Post
I am looking for some pictures and specs for home made knock down or swinging targets. I will be shooting 22lr, 45 ACP, .38, .357, and 44 mag. What kind of thickness do I need? I have a full shop with welding and cutting equipment so so I post up even the most extravagant pictures you have. I would prefer however to keep the weight to less than 60lbs.

Me and a pal made some targets like this many years ago and they lasted a good long time.

1/2" thick cold rolled steel plate oughtta do it for rifle and pistol use. 1/4" is enough for pistols only. You can heat treat it yourself by heating it until it's orange, then quenching it in motor oil. Then heat it again to 500 degrees in an oven and let it cool to room temperature on it's own. We had a pottery kiln for the first stage of heat treatment. You probably know better than we did about all of this.

We just made round 5" disks and T-welded them to a square base. .308 ball barely cratered the surface at 100 yards, 5.56 did more damage, 7.62x39 did least of all, but .416 Rigby with solid bronze bullets went straight through and over the mountain. Pistol calibers of all types just splattered on the outside. Only had one weird round come back at us, and I think that was a 7.62x25 Russian armor piercing bullet.

To do it again, I'd probably just instead buy them already done at a gun show unless I wanted to get fancy with my own design.

Everyone oughtta have steel targets to shoot at.
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