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I hope I can be included in the future for Steel Peak. I have been there twice in the past week and it is a dump in need of cleaning. I just wonder how old/new that sign is that is posted at the entrance that says the place is going to be closed perm if people don't straighten their **** out...

This is actually closer to me then Bee Canyon and NOW that my truck has been fixed, I will be at the AK Build Party that day... :\

Well, have fun there. You certainly have your work cut out for you depending on how far back you go. If you make it over to the oasis there is a little bit of EVERYTHING there, tvs, trophies, a TON of shotshells and wow, that is a dump. If you go over to bird **** rock then please leave that bowling pin that someone has placed towards the top of the peak about 200+ yards away. It is fun to shoot at that.

Have fun.