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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
Turners is a megastore and the largest single contributor to the NRA nationally. At a recent dinner I heard from some local small gun store owners, and they were afraid this would negatively effect their business.
Where do you hear that Turners is #1 NRA donor? To the best of my knowledge, MidwayUSA is #1. I have never even heard Turners mentioned near the top.

Turner's bills itself as the '#1 NRA retail recruiter'. And according to the NRA, they were last year - by far:

And also probably #1 in 2015, and some prior years. But as admirable as that is, Turner's only accounts for about 5% of the total number of new members signed up by NRA recruiters annually. 95% of annual recruitments come from recruiters other than Turner's.

But the #1 recruiter is not the #1 contributor. The premiere NRA donor recognition program is the Ring of Freedom. Alone at the top, at the Harlon Carter level, is MidwayUSA, last I checked.

Others at the top levels, include but are not limited to Benelli, Beretta, Cabelas, Ruger, Springfield, S&W...

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