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Originally Posted by digelectric View Post
Yes I agree with the points re: I&S. I would rather see two shops in SC than none. I donít think Iíd shop at Turners much because I support local whenever I can. Itís more likely Iíll shop at Reeds, City Arms, Gun Vault, Targetmasters, or Jackson, though.
Gun Vault and Reeds is a good example - I can't imagine Turners matching the creative stuff at BAGV, the used handguns, off roster handguns. Is Turners going to have some C & R stuff where I can do "cash & carry" like I did at BAGV? Or when I ask "so, any good stuff waiting out back?" out comes a 29-2 in presentation case - Turners would be mom & popish enough to do that? I don't think so. And remember when Reeds used to carry used guns and alot of reloading equipment? I bought an early, non-import, not rearseneled M1 carbine from their gunsmith, bought a T/C Encore pistol frame with no barrel too - is Turners going to do that for me?

I'm sure it would be a challenge, but the net result can be more $$$ for the sellers and more product, more participants in shooting.
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