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Speaking of which, Is I wanted to transport my rifle, What is the correct way? I was toled that ALL rifles must be locked in a sealed contaner from the time it leaves from one location to another another location.

Anyone hear about this?

I for one beleve that if my AR is in a box, and it is not a gun box, then it would be ok. Am I wrong?

This was posted in the link courteously provided by NoNOS67:

BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2013 Long guns must be transported in a completely enclosing case when not in a vehicle; if the case is designed as a gun case, no lock required. If the case is NOT designed as a gun case, must also be locked.

16505. For purposes of Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 26400)
of Division 5 of Title 4, a firearm is "encased" when that firearm is
enclosed in a case that is expressly made for the purpose of
containing a firearm and that is completely zipped, snapped, buckled,
tied, or otherwise fastened with no part of that firearm exposed.
In other words, just a "box" with no lock is not an acceptable transport box. Your long gun needs to be a hard case (or a box) with a locking device, or, in an unlocked-but-zipped soft case obviously made for weapons carrying and damage protection.

Hope that helps!

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