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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
Thanks for all the props, you guys were super today. I had tons of fun running around meeting everybody, especially quite a few people I've never met before.

So, people want to do some more similar shoots? Can't wait until next New Year's Day?

What's your pleasure? A series of 'national holiday shoots'? (gotta start real early on holidays). We had talked about doing a once a month evening shoot, maybe Wednesdays, to accommodate people who work on weekends.

Whadya think? Ideas?

(After action report follows tomorrow)

Didn't make it. I ate dinner then took a nap till 9ish. Forgot I needed to load ammo for the shoot. So I started turning out rounds on my press and lost track of time. Went to bed around 3am after I set my alarm for 8am but somehow I woke up at noon.

If you all want to do monly shots that would be cool. The gun range has rooms for training but maybe if we all wear low cut shirts they would let us order in food or potluck something there. It can't hurt to ask and I love to cook for people.
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