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Default Question about an intrafamilial transfer

So my wifes father wants to gift her a HK Mark 23. He lives in a free state and we live in California. The Mark 23 comes with a threaded barrel and I know that is not legal in California. I believe he also has a non threaded barrel as well that will go in for the transfer to California. My question is, can he include the threaded barrel in the case as well? It would not be in the gun at all but along side it in a ziplocked bag that the non threaded barrel came in. We just weren't sure if there would be an issue with the threaded barrel in the case as well or not. Also if it cannot be included, where would the FFL get the serial number that should be on the barrel since it's a non stock unthreaded barrel in the gun when it gets here. Thanks for any help on this one.
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