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I saw that there was only 3 tickets left for Corona! It looks like its going to be sold out again so don't procrastinate if your thinking of going.

First time AS'ers:
Congratulations! You will have a fun, educational, and impactful weekend.
As a veteran first timer, if I may share just how important 3 things are before arriving:
1. A GI sling. Not having one is like not having sights. It is used in AS technique every time. Modifying a neoprene, 3in1, bungee,etc.. slings to make it work wastes time you don't have and not as effective.
2. Sights that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. If your factory sights do that, ok. If not, aftermarket iron sights or a scope you have or borrowed works good. Whatever it is, have it mounted to the rifle to use and do dial it in at 25 meters.
3. Most important-a teachable attitude and be prepared to have a lot of great info. jammed in two days while being responsible in maintaining 100% safety awareness.

IMHO the first 2 completely sorted before coming will greatly improve #3 as you won't be distracted trying to fix your barn sized grouping or frazzled by equipment 'failures'. You will hear and learn the important safety,line commands,information immediately the first time and quickly build upon skill after skill and improve as AS designed the days to be.
Ask me about Project Appleseed.

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