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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
I think some clarification is in order Rizzo,this forum is not about segregating gay gun owners from the rest of the forum.

'Gays With Guns' is an organization the does firearms training and outreach within the gay community. This is a demographic that is normally not engaged at all on 2A at best and antagonistic to 2A at worst.
This forum was set up to give the Gays With Guns org a place to communicate with it's members, set up classes and hopefully bring them in to the wider 2A community.

2nd Amendment rights belong to everyone and the more people we get involved in self defense, recreational shooting or any other shooting sport the more people we have with a vested interest in protecting those rights!
I am not gay, but I agree with the sub forum. It's not about seperation, and a lot of people tend to have misconceptions. Gay community is perceived to be liberal, and automatically against the 2 amendment. This is about reaching out not seperation. It's inclusive, nothing saying you have to be gay to visit this forum.

Gay is a sexual preference, not a political belief, nor, we have to live a certain way, vote a certain way. I agree had one person been armed in Florida the outcome might have changed. If four or five been armed, I'm confident a lot would have changed.

I agree, our constitution is the backbone of this country. It would be nice if we didn't need a subforum. But I think it fits well. It says, guess what, we shoot also, and that is a shout out that both Gay and non gay should should witness. It's sad it takes a sub forum, but in today's climate of polarizing communities that tend to promote seperation, it's a way of saying, we both have issues that are greater than a sexual preference. Welcome, I wish you lots of success.

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