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On a more serious note, while your video is very well done, I think it would be MUCH more effective if it simply points out the outright lies & inaccuracies in his statements.

-Explain "Ghost Gun" & how the rifle in his hands is NOT one.
-Difference between a clip & magazine
-NOT a 30 cal rifle
-NOT capable of 30 rds/ sec.
-Explain the laws ALREADY in effect that prevent this rifle from existing anyway.

Play his statements with full context, then play it again and pick it apart piece by piece. Explain the lies & inaccuracies so a layman can understand, and do it respectfully.

The idea is to clearly show this individual is a liar and completely ignorant of what he pontificates about.

Grab the attention of the folks in the middle. Right now you're just preaching to the choir.


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