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I was thinking about this a few days ago, and since it's the holidays care packages are in full force. Too bad little old grandmas have no idea what servicemembers like.

"I'll send those boys some hotel shampoo and my old romance novels." seems to be pretty common.

When I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, my wish list was as follows:

Maxim magazines
AA and AAA batteries
International phone cards (AT&T worked the best through camp Doha)
Non-chocolate candies (think desert heat)
Boot bands
550 cord
Duct tape
Fast food sauce packets (Arbys, McDonald's BBQ or sweet n sour, taco bell fire, bk zesty sauce)

That said, I'm down to send a package or two to our deployed guys also. Let us know!
RIP Cpl Contreras, Sgt Atwell and LtCol Raible.
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