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Default Choosing Your First CA Legal Semi-Automatic Hand Gun - A Comprehensive Guide

Updated 10/28/14
Nearly every day I see a new thread about which handgun is the best, and I often always see people respond with several handguns that they own and love, without considering that what may work for one person may not work for another.

I spent today compiling as much information as I know about handguns and putting it into this lengthy guide for beginners. It covers most aspects of a handgun, as well as accessories, modifications, and ammunition. I'm sure I am missing a lot of parts, and that it isn't completely comprehensive, but it's about as comprehensive as I can make it, while still maintaining a language easily understandable to a new shooter.

You're welcome to share this guide with your friends. Please direct any and all new shooters to this guide if you agree with the things that I say. I would like people to take advantage of the same knowledge that I have accrued in my time here on Calguns.

If you see an error that needs change, please PM me with a source and I'll have it changed.

My first ever handgun (Which actually didn't work out well for me, thus the reason for this guide)


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Documentation Required to Purchase A Handgun in California
The CA DOJ Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale, the 30 Day Rule, and C&R Pistols

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Different Handgun Actions

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Testing/Renting Handguns Prior to Purchase Decision
Popular Accessories and Upgrades
Modifying Your Handgun/Aftermarket Parts

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