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Originally Posted by Michael in California View Post
Late to the party but I am considering coming down.

Read the whole thread. Couple of questions:

I read about registration. How does one do that? Donations? How?

CCW: Rules say no loaded weapons not on the firing line. Does that apply to CCW? Does that apply in and around camp or just near the firing line? Obviously holstered at all times.

I presume the exact location is not yet published? How are the roads? The travel trailer is a tad lacking in ground clearance.

When is the earliest one can show up Thursday?

Am I mostly on my own for targets? I have a couple of typical paper target stands. I understand that long communal gongs are available and I want to give that a go. i.e. Don't know how much I can contribute in this area without time to plan.

Just show up and sign in. I suggest you get there by Friday to get a spot on the firing line.

The last event people were carrying holster weapons which was different from previous events I attended.

The road is usually in good shape, but it is a dirt road. If you watch your way a travel trailer shouldn't have problems.

You can show up as early as you want, but I typically get there Thursday, to get a nice spot on the line and shoot without a full line Friday. Also gives some more time to shoot the long range target.

There are some community targets but I wouldn't count on those. If you make nice with your neighbors they will typically let you shoot at there steel targets. I typically put steel out every 200 yards and have no problems letting neighbors shoot at them if they ask, and are capable enough to not kill my stands. The main firing line will extend to about 400 yards, but the long range station shoots at a 45 degree angle to the line up the hill. Feel free to PM me with anymore questions.

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