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Default S&W MP 15-22 mods

just got one home tonight and tore it apart to paint it. my question is after taking it apart it looks alot like a ruger 10/22 system.yes i know there both blow back bolts and have springs. so with a ruger 10/22 you can get softer springs to allow you to shoot sub sonic ammo with any issues.
i took the bolt apart on the S&W and you can remove its spring as well. so i was thinking you can run a softer spring so it can run sub sonic ammo.

this gun is for my son cause i kinda took over his 10/22 and turned it into a killer.

so has anyone ran sub sonic ammo and or played with a softer spring?
the manual says the gun wont cycle with sub sonic ammo. ruger said the same thing but a man named kidd makes special toys for them and they can shoot any ammo.

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