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Originally Posted by moy2441 View Post

I am currently using G5 Outdoors Striker & Montec CS™ Fixed-Blade Broadheads, 125 / 100 grains. I havn't use any others yet. I use fixed blades because I hear rumers that the mechanical sometimes does not open. What's your thought?
Its true. I used the old technology mechanical back when and my first shot with a deer broadside hit its "elbow" where the heart should of been and it deflected down and only 1 blade open while the other broke and one still in its slot not open. After that I've switched to cut-on-contact for about 10 years. Only this year did I go back to mechanical blade to test its new technology.

Of the two deer I got I shot one extreme quarter away. More like its butt was basically towards me but slightly turn enough for me to squeeze a shot. I hit it right at its thigh/belly and the 2 1/8" blade open enough to literally gut it from thigh to the ribs causing all the intestine to spill out, the BH then proceeded to hit the lungs and the other side of the blade cut its heart. It ran about 15 yards and fell over dead. That got me enough to love the BH.

But like many said, pick the one you feel confident with. A part of gear is something you feel that connects with your equipment. If everything falls into place you have confidence in taking your game. Good luck!
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