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My girlfriend went to the range with me once, and we are pregnant now.

I left her in the car, and told her it would be a quick trip(100 rounds of .45, with 50 from a .22 to warm up). She walked up when I was transitioning from my .22 to the .45, and as soon as I started shooting, she was right behind me. I fired 20 rounds, and she told me the baby started jumping when she got close(about 5 yards away). I didn't even know she got out of the car, and I was afraid at first that I damaged my kid's hearing. I posted about this on another forum, and I was told not to worry about that one time, but don't make a regular habit out of taking her to the range, for noise and lead concerns. One member said something about a sibling being born deaf to a certain frequency because the mother was pregnant during the Blitz in WW2.

All that said, I can wait until my son gets old enough to hold a firearm responsibly before I expose him to the gun range again.
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