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Originally Posted by locomike View Post
thanks for reply. i want to buy one of my sks rifles back from a guy i sold it to , he moved out of state. im thinking it will be cheaper and easier for me to get another c&r than go through a dealer. they are wanting at least $100 around here plus DROS. if i could find someone near san jose that does it for $45 i might just go that route. does anyone know of a private party transfer in the south bay FFL holder that charges a lower rate like that??
That's the kicker, an FFL that won't bend you over to receive. My long time FFL bud has been charging me $35 bucks to process. He'll also wait if I have more than one and put them all on the same ap for that price. I think Call to Arms in Modesto charges 50 bucks to receive and DROS, Tracy is the next cheapest, or were. PAX
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