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Originally Posted by zukieast View Post
I applied to bring my machine gun and silencers into the state along with my non OLL's. Got my applications back, and check back, with a letter from the DOJ stating that they did not do it anymore.

I contacted them and had a 3 way phone call with the permit and legal dept, citing the CA codes from the DOJ website that stated a person moving into the state can bring in weapons and register them even after the registration period. The permit lady told me "we just dont do it anymore", while the legal guy said yes you can based on the written laws.

I asked for an updated memo, amendment etc. that would counter and they could not provide. Only if I was Law enforcement or Active Duty military stationed here.

So, unless you have a crap load of money and a string of lawyers on retainers you are not going to get a MG permit in CA.
How long ago was this?

The Legal guy says yes you can but the bureaucrat says no?

Don't need law anymore, we got our own personal feelings in charge.


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