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Originally Posted by lowimpactuser View Post
*State findings*

The state finds that the CCW process is grossly inadequate to protect public safety. The average background check for a police cadet candidate costs $3,000. The average spent on CCWs in Sacramento county is $200. This is grossly inadequate to investigate the background of a person to carry a deadly weapon, with less training than a police officer.

There is no evidence that carrying a gun has made the public at large any safer, and numerous CCW holders have nearly created tragedy leaving guns behind in restrooms, forcing the legislature to ban these dangerous carriers of guns from school campuses. Indeed, this increases costs to law enforcement and impacts the public's perception of their own safety.

Finally, the process in Sacramento especially costs more money than it takes in from applicants, even for the cursory and non-thorough background check.

Committee recommends a full, law enforcement style background check for any CCW applicant, costs to be borne by said applicant with no refund for costs if the permit is rejected. Applicant also should attend at least the use of force portions of police academy, costs also borne by applicant. Lastly, upon approval of a permit, the permit holder should post a $5,000 bond to cover any incidental police investigation caused by negligence by the permit holder, so as to make the CCW program revenue neutral, instead of forcing the state to pay for dangerous weapons to be carried by people who aren't thoroughly vetted.

Whose finding sounds more likely from a committee set up by McCarty- yours or mine?
BINGO! As I understand it, some counties down south (and I think LA is one of them) require three letters of recommendation (illegally), the name of your current employer (illegally), and then they go out and not only interview each reference but your boss as well as your neighbors! That has GOT to cost a huge sum of money that is not covered by the fees charged, even with all the denied applications for "lack of good cause." I assume SD is similar--which is why those counties were chosen. McCartey just doesn't like CCWs and has been in an ongoing battle with Sacramento Sheriff because he is shall issue.

With the denial of cert in Peruta, such that a CCW is no longer a right, the Legislature will either make the fees the highest in the nation or eliminate carry all together.
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