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Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
The funny thing is, it actually might lead somewhere good. If you think about it, there's almost no way they could twist the results of a CCW study to fit their narrative - all of the facts say the opposite of what they want to hear.

A CCW costs a licensee a LOT of money. First, there's the gun, which the state gets sales tax, FSC fees and DROS fees for. Then, there's the CCW classes, from which the state gets income tax from the instructor fees. Weapons qualifications, which the state also gets income taxes for, plus sales taxes for the hundreds of rounds of ammo required. Then, there's the license itself, which has a multitude of fees involved, which more than cover the administrative costs involved to the issuing agency. Those are just the hard-evidence numerical figures. Add to that the possibility of needing less LEO presence in areas which have well-armed citizens.

As mentioned earlier, there is virtually zero safety risk associated with licensed concealed carriers. It's immeasurably low. But the safety benefits have been recorded in great detail, with hundreds (maybe thousands) of violent crimes in CA halted as a result of CCW-holding citizens.

I'm pretty confident that any "study" is going to find all of the above. So this might actually come back to bite them.
Is there any website that details the halting of violent crimes? I rarely, if ever hear any stories where good citizens are using their weapons to stop crime.
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