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Originally Posted by Bestguns View Post
The OP's 9/5 post says he called them for an out-of-state transaction after finding that all the shops he called refused to do them: They refused him too. Then the OP's 10/1 post then says they refused a PPT: They didn't. A PPT (Private Party Transfer) is a face-to-face transaction between individuals, not an FFL-to-FFL transaction.

I saw them doing a PPT on a Romy G last week and they had a WASR on the wall for sale.
I see what you meant and stand corrected. I knew the difference prior to posting this thread having done both, but should have been more clear by typing the correct acronym.

Still, it doesn't change anything and definitely doesn't excuse their poor customer service... When I called the other shops there was no ambiguity in their policy. With Bills they questioned what model weapon suggesting exceptions for ffl-ffl transfers and then balked even though it clearly wasn't what they carried despite it being an SAA (which they do). Let's not forget they hung up on me during this conversation.

Where does it begin and end? They could deny anyone on a whim stating they carry many guns in the same caliber as the gun a customer is trying to transfer. And it's a grey area policy which I guarantee isn't followed to the letter given so many variables in what is and isn't in their inventory. Imagine if someone paid for the out of state gun because the person on the other end of the phone said it was acceptable only to have the guy who spoke to me overrule the employee and reject the transaction.
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