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Originally Posted by Bestguns View Post
Big difference in message between your 9/5 post and your 10/1 post, OP. Sometimes sellers disagree with buyers as to value.
It is within their right but that doesn't change anything with me in regard to my standing with Wild Bills seeing how I'll never return. My 10/1 message was a blanket message for those notrious-area shops I've yet to completely blacklist whereas others here have. I can guarantee that unless some unknowing whale-of-a-buyer strolls into Bills that their SAA inventory will remain. The fact their SAAs had so much cosmetic damage is telling of how long they've sat waiting for so long. As I recall, their serials were late 3rd generation but years from factory fresh.

Their Wiley Clapp .44 special SAA had a sticker of ~$2900 as I recall. To be honest, their Wiley Clapp was near mint and I'd happily give them $2100 tomorrow but know that's an impossibility. I know SAAs are rare and that Colt custom shop has been increasingly slow and not accepting any custom order recently, but there are late 3rd generations to be found at or near MSRP, or far less than what they're asking and for mint specimens. Heck, you could get a custom B+ engraved Colt SAA from Jim Alaimo from Nutmeg Sports -- who used to run colt's custom shop and still provides them with ivory grips -- for $3600 and that's with an action job/ivory grips and without tax for a CA buyer. In fact, I have a gun with him as I type this getting carved ivory stocks...

The stigma with Wild Bills is that old-school salty curmudgeon mentality that the internet doesn't exist... That everything is centered around their shop as if they're still catering to a clientele utilizing covered wagons before the invention of the telephone and automobiles. The fact there are other numerous sources for buyers (even patient buyers seeking an SAA) doesn't justify their prices whatsoever. It's pure and simple gouging and they openly admitted to this given their policy of not conducting PPTs for like-models in their inventory.

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