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Originally Posted by socalmikey View Post
I have the 18.5"'s awesome...I can shoot 300 +\- yards and hit bullseye triple tap...did it twice...I put a Leupold mark ar 3-9x40 mil-Dot...(I don't shoot sitting or standing! I get on the ground ... Lay on my tummy and focus on my breathing, check my mil-dot twice n pull!

My MVP has only been out 3 what Cadre doesn't like pmags...I have to disagree...never had a problem with my Pmags using either .223/5.56 NATO (got 5 different pmags for'em) issues, yet! (Maybe, becoz I have an 18.5"?)

I wish I could take it out, but too many side activities going on for the holidays!
Nice. Like i said mine doesnt like pmags but others i talked can use them. Pmag use is not a big deal with me coz i dont have any and i dont own any rifles that uses them...but back to the topic. You cant go wrong with the mossberg may it be the mvp or the pred.
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