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Originally Posted by dynamomark80 View Post
why would an office break out the long gun for a reason other then needing it for some sort of use of force?
If an officer needs to get more familiar with any weapon I would think training should be done before the need to deploy such a firearm on duty.

I think it was an option but my idea is it is a good idea when looking at protection for the officer and protection from a would be thief looking to steal a gun.
If they wanted Im sure they could program multiple codes for a non-alert release to allow removal for cleaning, inspection, ammo checks etc.
Originally Posted by Falconis View Post

it's all theory vs. reality. Hard to explain without writing a thesis on it.
^ This

I broke out the UPR (Urban Patrol Rifle) all the time. Ex: If I'm heading into a building for burglary call with constant alarm activations (meaning the suspects are there and moving around) I want to be in a superior firepower position vs. the suspect. Having a CAR-15 w/12" barrel was just the ticket!
You will never, in your life, have a chance like this again.
If I were you, I would not pass this up. I would not let this go by...this is rare.
Come on...what harm??
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