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Default Shipment of PSA Lowers

Update 1/19/13:

Some folks have mentioned this in the thread so I thought I'd reiterate it here:

If you haven't received your call from Turner's to come down and start DROSing your lower, CALL THEM. They haven't been great about notifying people, I never received a single call. I called, was told they came in, and went down the same day.

Update 1/15/13:

If you've already DROS'd your lower(s) they're confirmed available for pickup at multiple Turner's locations. Good luck everyone!

Update 1/4/13:

After reading the mixed results over the past few days in this thread, and still having not received a phone call from Turners, I decided to call Torrance this morning.

I was told that I could begin DROSing the PSA lower that I had put a deposit on a few weeks back, even without a serial number allocated.

When I came down, the associate behind the counter initially didn't know that they were DROSing these lowers yet without serial numbers. However upon asking who I presume was the manager (Lee?) he was given the okay. Ironically the associate who was helping me actually had a PSA lower on pre-order as well, (to the manager) "Does this mean I can DROS my PSA lower too?!?!"

Apparently rather than systematically allocating a lower to each pre-order, they're just going to have a pile in the back of each store and allocate your serial number the day you pick it up after your 10-day DROS wait period.

They expect the lowers to arrive on probably 1/8 or 1/9. I didn't get any indication if they felt there would be lowers left over after all of the pre-orders had been filled, however I'd bet on there not being any.

It seems that not all stores are adhering to this policy, some stores are starting to DROS these lowers (like Torrance) while others are turning folks away for now. As much of a pain in the *** as it is to get someone on the phone, call ahead before going down just in case.

Original Post 12/20/12:

Just wanted to give a heads up to Calgunners. Turners is getting a shipment of 3,000 Palmetto State Armory AR-15 5.56 lowers next week and are taking deposits. "Sale" price is 109.99, then up to 119.99 next week I believe.

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