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Originally Posted by skunkbad View Post
I went to and paid for a year membership, but no immediate confirmation. I was hoping to take care of all of this tonight. Anybody know how long it takes to get an email confirmation? I took a screen shot of the thank you page, but it doesn't show what I paid for.

You'll get a card in the mail. They're not the email/flyer/call type of org. They are the "let Alan Gura off his leash" type of org.

I'd buy that guy +1 dinner in LA at any restaurant of his choosing.

His contribution and ability in this fight go WAY beyond a beer!

He's like a naval battle group in terms of firepower.

As an individual in this fight, I feel like a medic with an M9 that can barely contribute much except a few unaimed rounds from behind cover here and there (a few bucks to a few orgs every few months).
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