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Originally Posted by Cylarz View Post
However, if you point this out to a gun-grabber (or even a political moderate) the common response is a strawman

"Oh, okay. So does that mean the Second Amendment guarantees my right to a bazooka then? Can I mount artillery on my pickup? Do you really think we have an unfettered right to tanks, jet fighters, and battleships as private citizens?"

My question to you, however: How do YOU respond when someone says this?
First, suggest they might read the actual court decisions, as SCOTUS isn't filled with complete ninnies and one might suspect this sort of thing came up.

Second, ask if they believe that, given the first amendment, the legitimacy of a ban on child pornography implies a ban on Mein Kampf also. Point being, no right is so absolute as to be stretched to absurd cases, but limits on fundamental rights are mighty thin on the ground in practical application, even when the exercise of those rights may be dangerous.
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