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My gf had it when I moved in. It worked fine for awhile. Then it would just stop working. We'd call att to send out a guy to fix it, and it would be fine for a few days, then stop working again.

We repeated the process a few times, getting charged for the service calls, until the technician levelled with us. Turns out that the home office decided that our single twisted pair didn't have enough bandwidth for the phone and internet, so they would turn the connection off at their end each time the tech would activate it.

After a somewhat heated conversation with the manager, AT&T generously offerred to pull a second line at the bargain cost of $60 per hour of labor, with no estimate as to how long the job would take. All while still charging us for service that hadn't worked right for a month.

We cancelled the service we weren't getting and had Comcast in a week.

It used to be that Comcast and AT&T were pretty even in how crap their service was. Comcast has gotten much better, while AT&T is actually worse, though I didn't believe it possible.

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