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So Im posting a update, after reading through the forum I found this post & had found that I needed to go to the court house for a offical Disposition statement & send it to the DOJ. When I arrived I asked the nice lady there if the DOJ had requested the document after about ten minutes she had come back and told me the court had never sent the document in the first place when i was arrested. ( its a courtesy that they send the document not manditory to DOJ) and thus why im on hold, and that the DOJ had never requested it. So Im confused. Did the DOJ Lie to me about requesting the paperwork? Anywho the lady sent a copy via mail to the DOJ and it will take a few days to send. I also obtained a copy for myself and just faxed it to (916) 227-3744 So finger crossed that when I call them again this evening they relase the hold. even though I doubt a faxed copy will do it for them.

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