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Originally Posted by Bruce View Post
I know that waiting until the anti's pass every restriction they can dream up and then "incrementally" trying to undo the damage isn't a viable strategy. It hasn't worked so far.
Sorry you don't like my exposing that "the emperor has no clothes". Why don't you enlighten me on what the NRA has accomplished in California since 1999?
I'm an NRA member. But I have begun to wonder why I am when the great legislative victory of 2007 was an exemption for a bunch of hack magazine writers.
The anti's passing any restriction is the fault of those who elect them, and not the NRA. They do not control elections or those who think up numerous ideas to remove our rights. If it wasn't for NRA and its members I'm certain we wouldn't have the guns we have in this state.

You're either venting, or you must not realize how bad this state really is when it comes to socialism. Venting on this forum won't help you. The deck is stacked against guns, and gun owners in this state. Liberals are just looking for excuses to pass more gun control. I don't doubt for one moment they're looking for every reason to ignore gun owners, and the NRA. We're outnumbered, and that's just a reality. With so much energy why don't you volunteer at your local NRA members council?