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Default Opinions on AT&T U-verse?

We currently have AT&T DSL @6mb/s and need to up that as we both will be using the connection for telecommuting needs.

ATT can up my speed by switching to Uverse @18mb/s for only $18/mo more that what I pay now which I'm fine with since the cost is paid by the office. The modem will need to be switch out which they said is the only equipment change.

So, what is your experiences with Uverse? I'm not really familiar with what it is, they say nothing will really change except get faster speeds.

Currently I use my own Netgear DSL modem/router and don't use the AT&T supplied modem/router. I'd like to do the same with the new setup if possible. At least disable the wireless/router functions of the supplied AT&T modem and use my own. Anyone know if that can be done with the Uverse modem/router?

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