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Originally Posted by problemchild View Post
Yeah Im not getting that. Down here half the stores are closed and up there I did not see one empty building. But remember a decent house and payment is 650/month up there so how much job do you need? You do not need a 4500/mo job for both you and the wife to survive.
Where are you that half the stores are closed? I could transfer to Idaho with my company but I would literally make less than 25% of what I make here. Some guys did transfer and while the hunting and gun laws are great, a $1800 AR with a $250 SBR stamp, 1k can and another $250 stamp becomes out of reach when your only making $15 an hour and don't get hours every week.

Also, heating the house is very expensive when its -F. Don't get me wrong, Idaho is beautiful and the freedom is still great, but going there thinking the economy is going to be better did not work well for the guys the I know who transferred.

It may work better for you and your circumstances and I hope it does. When retire I will look into moving but I really don't want to freeze my nuts off or shovel snow when I'm old.

Originally Posted by Wherryj View Post
I am a physician. I am held to being "the expert" in medicine. I can't fall back on feigned ignorance and the statement that the patient should have known better than I. When an officer "can't be expected to know the entire penal code", but a citizen is held to "ignorance is no excuse", this is equivalent to ME being able to sue my patient for my own malpractice-after all, the patient should have known better, right?
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