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Rob Pincus should be allowed to market his wares just like anyone else no matter if you agree with him or not. Larry Vickers said it best on M4C:


You guys need to remember that Rob Pincus markets to a different audience - years ago Ken and I talked about it and he reminded me and now I am reminding all of you that the mere fact that you visit a tactical firearms and training forum like M4C puts you in a very select category - there are untold thousands of shooters that never visit a firearms forum

Think of it is this way ; how many NASCAR fans do you think there are ( some I'm sure even on M4C ) vs how many fans regularly visit a NASCAR Internet forum to discuss all the details of the sport ?

Pincus is marketing himself to a totally different audience and frankly Im sure he could care less that serious shooters on M4C don't like his training techniques

Obviously his approach is not my cup of tea but it is a free country - he is free to do and say what he wants ; as are all of you

Be safe

Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills.
- Historian Josephus (AD 37-101) on the Roman military
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