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Originally Posted by Bruce View Post
So why has the vaunted NRA done absolutely nothing about repealing, or at the very least, modifying the so-called safe list. Why do they proclaim it a great victory to allow Jan Libourel or Phil Spangenberger test out the latest "unsafe" firearms, but let BULLSH*T like the safe list stand.
In case you haven't noticed, we're in 'occupied territory'. NRA CA leadership would of course love to make it all go away with a magic wand.
If you have the ability to show those folks how to remove it given the current seating in the legislature, I'm sure they'd wanna hire you

NRA is just a few folks PLUS YOU on the phones/email.

But we were stabbed in the back by CAFR/CRPA' Kathy Lynch and Gerry Upholt.

We got the safe gun list in SB15 because of CRPA/CAFR screwup (in conjunction with SASS). It passed by a very few votes and when CRPA's + SASS lobbyists didn't object - since it helped protect large gun dealer/distributors as it gave them a competitive advantage over smaller gun dealers (who couldn't deal with the added inventory costs of turning around guns that fell off the Roster, unlike big guys that could just rotate 'em back to the distributor). The SASS guy got bought off when he got his precious single-actions protected.

When fence-sitting legislators saw a split amongst the 'gun people' - not realizing the deatils - they figured it wasn't unified enough and therefore a 'safe vote' to vote for.

Rolling back gun control is an incremental thing and often best done in the courts.

The recent 'journalists' exemption' is something that can slide thru and can be enhanced in future legislation.

Hell, many Calgunners might be able to use it if we start a Products Review column for makes/models

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