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If you are looking at 10 miles from a major city you will need to practice total black out at night. It is amazing how easy it is to find people after dark if the surrounding country is dark. More than several died in Viet Nam lighting a cg. or puffing on a cigar. Candle light etc. can be seen for miles. If camping rig a line from tent to crapper so people can follow the line and never emit a light.

Water is the driving factor. You can go seven days without food with no ill effects 24 hours without water while you are exerting yourself is dangerous.

Plan your routes out of the city and walk them taking pictures and notes as you walk. Look for hot water heaters especially at large aprtments it will hold a lot of water. Each toilet will hold a gallon of water in the holding tank. Make notes of fruit trees on your route never know what time of year you will leave. Clothing is a must. pants and shirts must be very sturdy clothing. Carry a small amount of chicken scratch and several rat traps and mouse traps. This will catch you a lot of pigeons or bids by putting scratch on the trigger the bird will peck and you will eat. The mouse traps will provide bait for larger snares as you go.

Once you have your routes planned then work on the destination. Lots to learn and a lot of skills to practice and keep sharp. Side note lint in the bottom of your pockets is great for starting a fire. Once you have fire started light a candle and protect the flame from the wind makes it easy if the fire goes out. If you can find a parachute at a surplus store cut it in half store one half at the destination and carry half with you. This will make a hammock it has many pieces of line attached that can be used for snares etc. Don't forget to hang your food away from camp and in the air. You don't want the smell attracting dogs that will pack up and be very aggressive after a couple of days of people not feeding them.

To long a post alreadyt Sorry

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