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Agree w/Librarian -- good boots and the very best in socks (multiple pairs). Ensure the boots are properly broken in before you depend on them.

I'm a broken record with this, but nobody ever mentions it, so: Athletic tape to tape sprains / strains / etc -- you have to keep moving, so you need to take good care of your "wheels". Consider taping your ankles / knees before making any risky hikes -- just like NBA players tape themselves before the game -- it'll reduce the number and severity of any injuries.

If you're heading to sufficient [shelter, water and tools], but insufficient [everything else] then bring lightweight, high-caloric density food, toiletries, weapons and comms. Pre-positioning the toiletries should be a no-brainer -- no one objects to gifts of extra soap, TP, tooth care, etc. A gallon of Dr Bronner's soap takes up no real space and can keep a family spotless for months.

Is the sewer system septic or not? After an earthquake you want to consider the real possibility of the interruption of certain vital services. Also, the extra burden of you and your family on the destination might be too much for their system, so perhaps prepare some waste disposal bags. You may be there for a long time, and living amongst human waste is a great way to contract diseases.
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