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Originally Posted by Rob Pincus View Post
Surprised they are so low, honestly. What does Defoor/Vickers/Howe charge for their first level 2 day pistol courses?
Why exactly would that matter?

All three of them are Tier 1 Special Operations veterans which means they have been vetted and received the finest training money can buy, proven world-class shooters, who have in fact been in combat.

You were a LEO for a very short time, admin at the Valhalla Training Center, and then started your own company (Hiring a Ranger & SEAL to stand next to you for your original company instructor photos), then turned yourself into a Youtube star w/ videos you do yourself.

Last I heard you don't even carry a gun in your classes and demo nothing. Back in the day you did demo's into the berm.

Should you're name be mentioned in the same breath as a Vickers, Lamb, Defoor, McPhee, Howe, Pannone, McNamara, Harrington, etc?

Originally Posted by Rob Pincus View Post
Also, what are the class sizes? I limit mine to 12 students. I've seen some of the newer guys in the industry run classes with over 20 students at a time...
I've seen plenty of class photos from you with more than 12 students.

Nice try salesman.....You are slick, I will give you that.

IMO: Most of the time when an instructor states such a low student to instructor ratio as a sales pitch it's ONLY because that's all they could get to sign-up..

When they do it goes out the windown.

Try again.
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