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Originally Posted by Nickaru View Post
How critical is the choice of primer manufacturer in recipes? Federal vs. Winchester vs. CCI vs. Wolf, etc.
I have not noticed any critical difference between brands unless the Book of Lee is speaking of thou shalt not use xx brand in their products...

I have not reloaded for very long such as others who are very well informed but I also would not know the difference in accuracy if it bit me in the butt.

Now with that said I can shoot a hawk in its eye a thousand yards out with my Desert Eagle and I always use TULA or WOLF primers in my Desert Eagle because they are cheap.

They also have not failed. SO, this might evolve into a ford/chevy debate, but I hope not. As long as you stick with the proper TYPE you should be okay.

I.E. Do not use a Large Rifle Primer if the recipe calls for a Large Pistol Primer. HOWEVER, The only exception to that rule (now there are TWO exceptions) is that you CAN substitute a small rifle primer for a small pistol primer. But as a new reloader you should not do that until you are aware of what and why you are doing it. Also, Winchester now only makes ONE large pistol primer and it is meant for magnum or regular loads where everyone else still has large pistol and large pistol magnum.

Personally speaking, magnums I THINK tend to burn a a TAD longer to help ignite more powder but I could be wrong. I have swapped out magnums with regular in my 44 mag loads and seen no real difference except with the magnum primers I do not have as much crap stuck to me after shooting 20 rounds...

I bet the guy behind the counter read the Book of Lee and ALSO took it WAY too serious just like me...

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