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Originally Posted by Rob Pincus View Post
I posted a pretty thorough explanation of the CAT Home Study course and the package contents here: .
I'll review the piece you posted later. I'm still waiting for my full CAT program to arrive. I received the DVDs but not the rest of the materials. No big deal since I won't have time until the holidays anyways.

Originally Posted by Rob Pincus View Post

You are being a little melodramatic. Don't over think it.
If I say to a room full of people "Remember when you did the Wind Sprint Drill?" and one guy has never actually done a Wind Sprint Drill, then it takes away from the class time and I have re-teach something.
If you show up and use an extended ready position instead of a compressed one, you can't do some of the exercises safely. So, students who go through CFS and use/learn a compressed ready position are prepped for the APH course material. If you show up using an extended one and ask (fairly) "Why should I use a compressed ready?" then I have to teach/explain that, which is redundant for people who have been through CFS.... again, it takes time from the course material. No point in showing up for algebra class if you haven't learned arithmetic.

This stuff is NOT rocket science and your verbiage dwells on the over-dramatic and treating your audience as simpletons.

We KNOW compressed ready and a lot of your CFS stuff are quite familiar to many through the various CFS, ICE Training, PDN, etc. sources. Don't over-emphasize the uniqueness of your program since you start approaching the point of irrelevance.

Remember also that some of your CFS "graduates" may have forgotten the uniqueness of your methods and may need a quick refresher at the start of the APH class.
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