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Where: Olympic National Forest, NW Washington State

When: Fall 2008

For what game: Blacktail Deer with a Bow

What happened?: Right after my son's 2nd birthday I decided to expose him to the hunt and embed the idea of harvesting his own food from a young age.

We scouted out an area for weeks and knew some big bucks were moving in the area. On the morning of the hunt, we hunkered down into some ferns and waited. Surprisingly, my son was incredibly patient, quiet, and cooperative.

I heard something in the brush but after staring for a while saw nothing and assumed it was a rabbit or other small game scurrying through the undergrowth. All of a sudden my son yells out "PUPPY!" and he's pointing at this huge Blacktail Deer with a body the size of a small Elk. The Deer was about 40 yards away and was frozen. It didn't see us and only heard the squeaky voice of my son which was apparently non-threatening enough for it not to run away. I drew all 70lbs back from a crouched position, slowly stood up, and arrowed the buck. I gave my son a high five, we pounded fists, and we waited for about 20 minutes after the last time we heard any movement in the brush. The Pope & Young 115" 4x3, 300lb Deer was recovered 20 yards from where I shot it.

Only Deer I ever considered mounting. The original cape got hair slip so it was replaced with another one. Bummer because that dark forehead and double throat patch was gorgeous. Still came out better than expected.
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There are too many in this forum that do nothing. Don't vote, don't belong to the NRA, don't donate time and or money, etc etc so the anti-gun bills will just keep coming and coming. You are right. Us doing nothing at all won't help.

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