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Where: Simi Valley

When: A looong time ago (before the 118 fwy was built)

For what game: Sparrows

What happened?

I grew up in Simi back in the olden days. My grandparents lived there too. Grandpa bought me a Official
Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! for Christmas. I was Ralphie before there was a Ralphie.

I was about 6 and had shot Dad's .22 so I knew how to shoot, but this rifle was MINE.

Grandpa took me a couple of miles down a dirt road and I shot anything and everything along the way. Cans, dirt clods, ant hills, whatever.

I spotted a sparrow in a bush about 10 feet away and asked him if I could shoot it. "Yep", he said, "if you clean it and eat it."

I contemplated that for about, oh, 1/2 second, lined up the sights and dropped him.
My eyes got big and I looked up at Gramps yelling "Got him! Got him!...what do I do?"

"Well, hand me your rifle and go get him."

So I ran over there, climbed under the bush, picked the Sparrow up by the tail feathers and ran back.

I remember grinning and shaking I was so excited.

I ran all the way back to the house, holding him at arms length by the
tail in case he came alive and attacked me with his talons.

I yelled "Grandma! I got a bird for dinner!". I held up the family dinner and grinned
while hopping from one foot to the other. She came out, smiled and said "Where's Grandpa?"

"He's coming. He doesn't like to run you know".

"Believe me, I know. Wait till he gets back and he'll show you what to do."

Grandpa got back (seemed like it took hours...probably 5 minutes) and
showed me how to peel the breast skin back and take the meat out.

I ran in the house and showed Grandma my feast (about the size of a thumb).

She put some butter in a pan and fried it up for me and I popped it in my mouth.

Best meal ever.

It's been all downhill ever
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