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Where: Camp Roberts

When: 8-9 years ago

For what game: Hog

What happened?
Morning hunt, starting to get a bit late when hog started hitting the heavy cover.

Had been hunting the fence line looking for hogs coming back from an overnight plundering of the adjacent farms. Was walking a fire cut/road on my way back my vehicle and saw some very fresh sign that crossed my path and also picked up that strong pungent hog scent (could tell a hog was close).

Brush on the down hill side where the tracks led was about shoulder height and fairly dense, but still open enough to be able to walk through without it tearing at your clothing.

Decided to follow the tracks. Stepped off the trail, went about 7'-8', stepped around a large shrub and found myself eye-to-eye with a +300lb boar. This huge beast was only a few feet away from me and staring right at me.

A Mexican Standoff ensued -
Was carrying a Winchester M70 30 06, scoped with a Leupold 3x9, which was next to worthless with an animal standing just a few feet away. I kept the rifle low, with the barrel pointed at the hog and made the decision that'd only pull the trigger if he charged and I'd wait until he ran into the end of the barrel.

He never moved to charge. After a couple of minutes of snorting by him and heart pounding by me, I slowly started backing away and he did the same.

I haven't carried a scoped rifle hog hunting since that day.

Scoped rifles might be fine for some canned hog hunt on a ranch where you're shooting across a field or valley, but most public land hunting involves heavy brush where scoped rifles are next to worthless.
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