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First back to the original topic, I posted a pretty thorough explanation of the CAT Home Study course and the package contents here: .

The APH class registration page says a 1-day CFS course as a prerequisite but you said 2 days (see above links). So, which is it?
Yes, a 1 day course qualifies... though I rarely teach a 1 day CFS course anymore.... But, you can take the course from any certified instructor.

Originally Posted by Rob Pincus

CFS is a distinct methodology.

Originally Posted by Rob Pincus

There would also be a lot of conceptual questions likely to come up that are addressed in CFS.
It all sounds so elitist, like being a member of L. Ron Hubbard's inner circle and we're not worthy until we're indoctrinated.

Are the CFS methods so exclusive as to need an initiation?

Please help me understand in the overall tactical/defensive firearms training field...
You are being a little melodramatic. Don't over think it.
If I say to a room full of people "Remember when you did the Wind Sprint Drill?" and one guy has never actually done a Wind Sprint Drill, then it takes away from the class time and I have re-teach something.
If you show up and use an extended ready position instead of a compressed one, you can't do some of the exercises safely. So, students who go through CFS and use/learn a compressed ready position are prepped for the APH course material. If you show up using an extended one and ask (fairly) "Why should I use a compressed ready?" then I have to teach/explain that, which is redundant for people who have been through CFS.... again, it takes time from the course material. No point in showing up for algebra class if you haven't learned arithmetic.
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