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Originally Posted by lavey29 View Post
Very nice build. Can you tell us a little about the other one in your picture you built also. Appears to have most of the same parts but maybe different bolt carrier, barrel and FH?
hahaha yeah the other was my first "invisioned" Ar except that one has a Noveske Infidel 13.7 upper with the Vltor/Noveske monolithic upper comes pinned from the factory, eotech with magnifier I teflon moly painted it 2 colors threw it in the oven and bam it was FDE! it has the M16 Noveske bolt, but I'm gonna swap it out with the Black Rain Ordnance bcg soon as they are available. I have a couple of other AR my OD one is in the process of being mixed up with my sons Black upper, waiting to get the 80% lower done and painted so I can put his upper on that lower and monday I'm getting the original upper for the OD set up, (my good friend bought that upper...) Got all the parts to finish that even an aimpoint after that done I'm done with ARs, I remember when I first joined this forum on my first build way back they said it wont be your only build and they weren't kidding! lol I sold my Barrett last month so it made it easier to get these builds going! AR are just so fun to shoot!

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