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Originally Posted by bombadillo View Post
If you're feeling up to it sometime, maybe I'll give you a 1911 to practice on and see if you can flush cut a barrel. I wouldn't mind having a flush cut, beveled barrel. I'd buy a new barrel to practice on, and have larry mears fit it in redding at some point. Last work I had done by him was TOP NOTCH stuff and its the best 1911 trigger I've ever felt.

I was trying to get out today but between my daughter and the weather, its just not gonna happen.
Sure, I would give it a try. I would have to order a new pilot for the .45 caliber. I'll try to remember to give you a call next time I head up in your direction.

Originally Posted by saki302 View Post
Did you cut the crown using a tool turned by hand, or did you use the drill to turn it?

It turned out great!

I've used a hand crowning tool from Brownells before- it works, though it leaves machine 'chatter' marks in the metal. It doesn't affect accuracy at all, but it does visually bother me a little.

I did use a drill. Very slow and very careful. The Manson cutters leave very fine tooling marks. I do want to get a polisher from them so I can leave a mirror finish though.
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